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ACP Projects

Welcome to the ACP projects page!

On this page you can find articles for different programming projects.

The projects build up from the knowledge found in the programming tutorials and expand it in some areas.

Each project is rounded up with a final usable software at the end of the project, sometimes in conjunction with additional hardware.

Apart from learning some additional things about computer programming and software development I hope you can also use this as an inspiration and basis for your own projects.

So learn and enjoy...

ACP Projects so far:

Project TextEye

This is a project that combines building custom electronics hardware with programming. It is currently still ongoing and you can find progress logs and more on the project page here.

While the project logs concentrate on the overall progress and the hardware side, I'll try to document the software development aspects of this project here on ACP. The links to the related articles will be added below as the project continues.

  1. Programming the TextEye - Part 01: Overview
  2. Programming the TextEye - Part 02: Basic software building blocks (coming soon...)
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