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Welcome to Alternative Computer Programming!

So you're interested in computer programming and software development, but not sure where to start? There are too many options, but often too technical or just too boring? The sheer mass of information on computer programming seems way too much to ever get a real grasp on things?

In this case, you are in the right place...

Learn to write your own programs

On the Alternative Computer Programming website I will do my best to give you an easy entry into the realms of computer programming and software development. A lot of questions on the subject will be answered.

Apart from teaching you some basic programming skills, I will also try to give some insight into general problem solving techniques and know-how and best practices for software development.

The problem solving techniques you find here can also be applied to problems outside of computer programming.

Learn to create worlds

Apart from programming, you can also learn how to create your own worlds for simulations or games. You can do this by writing your own programs or by using special game and simulation development tools.

Turn your dreams into reality!

What you can expect here

On this site my main focus is on providing the basic knowledge for people who want to learn about computer programming and software development or who just want to get some insight into the different aspects of computer programming.

I am going to cover different areas, from basic computer and programming knowledge to more specific themes like software development in a team, game programming, database programming, programming on Apple's iOS devices and more.

You can also expect programming tutorials and projects covering different areas of application, combined with tips and tricks to improve your programming skills.

Technical terms will be explained where necessary, either within the articles or on separate pages. For any questions you still might have, you can contact me through the contact form.

Jump in!

Computer programming is not as complicated as it may appear, and there is nothing to fear. So give it a try and take your time - it's totally worth it!

Have fun...

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